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Mission Support Network
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General Information

The Air Force MARS National Mission Support Network, replaced the Space Support Net and began formal operations on 7 December 2011 providing Point-To-Point communications support consistent with the guidance outlined in DoD Instructions.

The MSN provides mission and emergency communications (ECOM) support for the Department of Defense (DoD), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and other civilian government agencies including homeland defense activities, as well as CONUS and OCONUS disaster relief missions. These operations include, on-the-air training support, exercise assistance, actual events, emergency communications (ECOM), radio checks, message delivery and many others. We also provide contingency radio communications and "Reach Back" communications support for deployed military units and government agencies.

Units from all branches of the Military, Coast Guard, Reserves, National Guard, SHARES, Civil Air Patrol (CAP) and authorized civilian government stations are welcome and encouraged to check in. We are available to assist with your HF communications.

If you have questions about the Mission Support Network, or how we can provide communications support for your unit or agency, contact the network manager.

Webmaster note: Additional information will be posted as it changes, or becomes available.

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