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Join the Mission Support Network

We need MARS volunteers nationwide.

The Mission Support Network (MSN) is a 'Special Purpose' network, operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we can use your help at any time of the day, or night you are available.

All AF and Army MARS Auxiliary and base stations* may be assgned to the MSN. However, due to our specialized mission requirements, the MSN is a closed network requiring assignment on AF Form 3661. If you are interested in a Primary or Secondary net assignment to the MSN, please contact your State MARS Director (SMD) IAW section 15.6 of the MOI for a recommendation to be forwarded to the MSN Manager.

Please send the following information to your State MARS Director and ask him/her to forward it along with his/her approval to the MSN Manager AFN8S, for your assignment. The network manager will then send you an AF Form 3661 assigning you to the MSN. [Only the Chief, AF MARS and the Mission Support Network Manager are authorized to make assignments to the MSN.]

AF Form 3661 Full Name
MARS Call sign
Mailing address, include zip+4. Plus 4 is required
E-mail address
FCC issued Amateur Radio Call sign, Class and Expiration date
If you want this to be your Primary, or Secondary net assignment
Network Managers records
and MSN Roster
Your phone number/s: House __________ Cell __________

SMD Name, Generic call sign, e-mail address and phone number

The name you want to be called.
Example: Your name is James and you want to be called "Jim"

Station Capability
These are Required
The following short list of software is required:

Do you have Team Speak? Yes, or No

    If not, download from and contact the MSN Manager for assistance in setting it up. There is certain private information (server name & password) plus other information required in setup for proper operation of the software for what we are doing with it.

Do you have the following encryption/decryption software?

    EW Public Encryption Wizard encryption/decryption program - Yes or No
    Off-Line TRANSEC encryption/decryption program - Yes or No

      If not, we can get them to you.

    Digital modes

    1. Olivia 32 tones and other Amateur Radio digital modes - Yes or No
        The network manager reccomends the Fldigi digital program and it's free.
    2. MIL-STD 110A (now required by the MOI) - Yes or No

Station Capability
Additional information.
The following questions are to ascertain the station capabilities of the MSN members and our networks ability to support our customers. It is NOT a list of required equipment.

    Transmit/receive on two or more AF MARS HF frequencies at the same time? Yes or No
    RF output power:
    Type of antennas:
    Phone Patch: Yes or No (only used for emergencies)
    Emergency/Off-grid backup power: Yes, or No

* New Trainee Auxiliary stations (AFT and /T) may monitor, but must complete their initial training before checking into any MSN Net and before requesting assignment to the MSN.

Mission Support Network members are encouraged to also participate in their State and Region nets.

Network Managers Note: Assigned stations

If you change any information such as email address, mailing address, phone number, upgrade or renew your amateur license or change amateur call sign, etc. please notify me so I can update my files. I must to be able to contact you and your assignment to AF MARS and the MSN is based on the expiration date of your amateur license on file.

If you move to another Region or state, or your MARS call sign changes, your assignment to the MSN ends. You are required to contact your SMD and he/she shall advise me if they approve your continued assignment to the MSN, at which time I will need the above information to cut your new AF Form 3661.

If you have questions about the Mission Support Network, or want to change from a Secondary to Primary net assignment, contact the network manager.

Webmaster note: Additional information will be posted as it becomes available.

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