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MSN Nets

Mission Support Network Operations

The MSN is operational 24 hours daily, 365 days a year. Check the Operations page for the calling frequency designators and suggested times. Be aware, these could change to the Primary, Secondary or Tertiary calling frequencies at any time depending on propagation and at the discretion of the Net Control Station.

Mission Support Network Administrative Net

Effective 5 August 2017, the Saturday MSNA Administration net shall be on frequency MSH.

The Admin net is every Saturday morning on frequency MSH* (alternate frequency is MSG) at 1100 Eastern, 1000 Central, 0900 Mountain and 0800 Pacific, which is 1500 Zulu during the summer months and 1600 Zulu during the winter months due to the Standard and Daylight savings time changes twice a year. The Mission Support Network operates as a closed, special purpose communications network and only this Admin net is open to all non-MSN assigned; AF, Army and Coast Guard MARS Auxiliary stations, SHARES, Civil Air Patrol (CAP) and MSN User stations.**

All assigned MSN stations, SHARES, CAP and User Stations may check into any and all MSN nets.

Mission Support Network Training Nets

Training nets for MSN and ECOM procedures are on hold due to poor propagation. When started again, volunteer NCS will be needed for these thirty (30) minuet training sessions. Please contact the MSN Network Manager if you are interested in running one of these nets.
NationalAll training nets are on hold due to poor propagation.
Information is being sent by the net manager via email and
conducted on the MSN Conference channel on Team Speak.
North EastPending
North CentralPending
South CentralPending

The MSN Administrative and Training Net start times are based on the local times specified above and does not change. However, be aware Zulu time NEVER changes, but seems to change by one hour twice a year for those areas that observe Daylight Savings Time. If an MSN net starts at 0800 hours Local time before the time change, it continues to start at 0800 hours Local time following the time change.

Important note: Those areas that don't observe "Daylight Savings Time" must adjust their "Local" time for the net start times, or they will be one hour off while the rest of the nation is on daylight savings.

* Only the frequency designator is displayed. MARS Frequencies are not displayed on this web site per MARS regulations. Go to our Frequencies page for additional information.

** New Trainee Auxiliary stations (AFT and /T) may monitor, but must complete their initial training before checking into any MSN Net and before requesting assignment to the MSN.

AF, Army and Coast Guard MARS Auxiliary stations shall request and receive an AF Form 3661 Primary, or Secondary net assignment to the MSN from the network manager before operating on the special purpose network frequencies unless for an emergency. Click on the "Join MSN" tab for additional information on obtaining an assignment to the MSN.

Webmaster note: Additional information will be posted as it changes, or becomes available.

This page updated 13 May 2018 @ 1331 Zulu

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