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The Mission Support Network is operational 24 hours daily, seven days a week.


MSI - Primary
MSE - Secondary
MSB - Tertiary



The calling frequency designators and suggested times are listed to the left, but could change to the Primary, Secondary, or Tertiary calling frequencies at any time depending on propagation and at the discretion of the Net Control Station (NCS).

Propagation at the NCS location will determine which calling frequency is actually used.

Because the United States covers a large geographical area and spans multiple time zones, these suggested times must be adjusted for propagation in your location. There could be times when an NCS may simulcast on two, or all three calling frequencies (if so equipped), or on the rare occasion there may be a different NCS on each calling frequency at the same time due to propagation, time of day and their location. Again, the calling frequency in use depends on the propagation at the NCS location.

When changing the calling frequency due to propagation, the frequency that allows the best coverage across the US from the NCS will be used. Please refer to #3 on the "Procedures" page.

All Mission Support Network (MSN) frequencies are the responsibility of and under the control of the NCS on the calling frequency in use and shall be used as alternate traffic and working frequencies at the direction of the MSN NCS. Usage of any of the alternate MSN frequencies for additional nets or operations shall be coordinated with the MSN Manager. Contact with the NCS is required prior to and after usage of the MSN frequencies. This way, the NCS will know the frequency is in use and will not send other stations to that frequency as an alternate, or for traffic while it is being used for additional nets or operations.

Mission Support Network Administration and Training nets.

Trainee Auxiliary stations (AFT and /T) may monitor, but must complete their initial training before checking into any MSN Net.
AF and Army MARS Auxiliary stations shall request and receive an AF Form 3661 Primary, or Secondary net assignment to the MSN from the network manager before operating on the special purpose network frequencies unless for an emergency. Click the "Join MSN" tab for additional information on obtaining an assignment to the MSN.

* Only the frequency designator is displayed. MARS Frequencies are not displayed on this web site per MARS regulations. Go to our Frequencies page for additional information.

Webmaster note: Additional information will be posted as it changes, or becomes available.

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